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Platelet rich plasma is an innovative new safe treatment and is becoming popular in recent days.It has achieved popularity over the internet after some celebrities in Hollywood reported benefit on TV.

What is PRP?
PRP - platelet rich plasma contains cells called platelets which have been activated . These platelets are the source of several growth factors that stimulate healing of skin, hair, bone as well as soft tissues. It has been used for several years in bone surgery, face surgery , healing wounds and ulcers, and is now introduced for hair loss, and skin rejuvenation.

How is the procedure done?
8-10ml of patient's blood is drawn and it is processed in particular machine called centrifuge which separates the platelets from other components of the blood. The platelets are then activated by adding activators such as calcium to obtain plate let rich plasma. This platelet rich plasma is injected on the area to be treated with a sterile syringe or an instrument called dermaroller.

PRP may be prepared either by an imported kit ( Regen approved by FDA) or by using local laboratory reagents. Regen is more acurate , quicker , but is more expensive.

How does PRP work?
Platelets contain growth factors essential for tissue healing and repair. In the body, When tissue becomes injured, platelets are responsible for clotting blood to stop bleeding and stimulating cells to cause healing. This is their normal function. It has been found that these growth factors can cause multiplication of cells of different types including hair cells and skin cells. Hence they are being used to treat hairloss, after hair transplantation, to treat scars such as pimple scars, skin rejuvenation of ageing skin.

Where can PRP be used?
There are various surgical and medical indications of PRP injection like in dental, orthopedics, traumatology and in wound healing. However in the field of Dermatology it has been used extensively for a)skin rejuvenation called VAMPIRE LIFT( SO CALLED BECAUSE BLOOD PRODUCT IS BEING INJECTED IN TO SKIN)
b) acne scars,
c)male/female pattern hair loss.
d) After hair transplantation to enhance grafted hair growth and donor healing

What are the risks of PRP injection?
Since the PRP is prepared from your own body, it is an extremely safe procedure and there is very little risk of infection or allergic reactions. Mild pain may occur, but this is minimal and can be overcome by applying an anesthetic if needed. Usually no anesthesia is needed.

How long does it take?
The actual injection only takes a few minutes. However drawing and preparing the blood, and procedure set-up can take 15 minutes.

How many injections do I need?
Usually 2-4 injections

What activities can I do after a PRP injection?
You can do all your routine activities of daily living. People can go back to work right away.

What is the cost of PRP?
Pricing information is available through our front office.

Is this a procedure with full proof?
This is a procedure which is new and hence evidence is being gathered. Some papers have been published, and the scientific logic is strong.